A dream come true

Making Memories


What is a Celebrant you may ask - Celebrants are for couples who want to have something personal. Often couples book an appointment with a Registrar beforehand in order to get the legal formality out of the way first and then go on to have a wedding ceremony of their dreams.  Once you have chosen your venue we can get started. We will have a consultation first, once you have reviewed all the details, a retainer will secure your day.  From there, I can start to prepare your wedding script, consulting you along the way.  You can involve family and friends in a unity element.

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Photo by Liza O'Malley Photography

Renewal of Vows

Renewing your vows is a special ceremony when you can recreate your day or even make it a new occasion. You may wish to celebrate a milestone or just want to renew the love you have for each other.  You could have the vows you had on your wedding day or have new ones.  Whatever reason, I will make your day special and perhaps add a Unity Element.


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Naming Ceremonies

Celebrating a new arrival. Welcoming stepchildren into the family. Promises made by parents, grandparents or guide parents/life guardians.  Readings, poems and music can be incorporated.  Can be held in a venue of your choice, garden, woodlands - wherever you wish.