Making your dream come true


 It's a celebration! A Celebrant led ceremony with no restrictions.

 The legal element of your wedding can be carried at the Registry office with a simple 2+2, just the two of you and two witnesses and the Registrar.  A simple ceremony which can take place before or after your Celebrant ceremony.  Most Registrar weddings take place indoors at a licensed venue, although on occasions they may be held outdoors.

 I’m feeling your love and excitement as you take this step together. Have you thought about what kind of ceremony you would like?  Whatever your thoughts your dream wedding is here.

 How do you visualise your day?

 I have a wealth of experience with indoor and outdoor weddings, by a lake, in a garden or barn or a grand venue. Formal, relaxed, I am happy with either. 

 A little rain – huh, that never hurt anybody really.  Did you know that rain is a lucky sign at a wedding?  Rain brings health, wealth and a happy marriage.  I don’t mind putting on my wellies and raincoat.

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Renewal of Vows

Renewing your vows is a special ceremony when you can recreate your day or even make it a new occasion. You may wish to celebrate a milestone or just want to renew the love you have for each other.  You could have the vows you had on your wedding day or have new ones.  Whatever reason, I will make your day special and perhaps add a Unity Element.


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Photos by Adam Tranter Photography

Naming Ceremonies

Celebrating a new arrival. Welcoming stepchildren into the family. Promises made by parents, grandparents or guide parents/life guardians.  Readings, poems and music can be incorporated.  Can be held in a venue of your choice, garden, woodlands - wherever you wish.