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Stuck Writing your Wedding Vows?

Then I can help. There are lots of words you can say, but they must mean something to you. It's how you feel about someone, what you would like to say but don't.

In days gone by, our parents, grandparents, great grandparents didn't have the choices that we have today for a wedding ceremony. The weddings were in church, with a vicar repeating the words that he had said a thousand times. He said the vows and got the couple to repeat them. Today, there are so many choices. A choice of venue, a choice of who should conduct the ceremony, choice of music (not always a hymn), choice of a reading or poem. The list is endless but most importantly a choice of vows.

This is a chance to say the words that you don't often say or would like to say more. The words that come from the heart and are special to you both. However, should you be at a lost of how to put your feelings into words, then a Celebrant can help you.

The vows that are written can be kept as a keepsake, a little reminder of your day.  Look at these in your wedding anniversary.  Say them again to each other.

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