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Have you thought about a Minimony Ceremony?

Do you know what a Minimony ceremony is?

Well, it is a ceremony that is basically just for the two of you or with immediate loved ones. It may only be small but that doesn’t mean to say it can’t be the celebration that you have always wanted. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Money not spent can go towards your house or the honeymoon you have been longing for.

Have you got a venue that you have always wanted to go to? Somewhere that means a lot to you both. It doesn’t have to be grand, it can be among the trees that you took your first walk through. May be on the beach where you went for the walk through the water, lapping your toes. Having a Sand Ceremony using sand from that beach.

Go to that barn that your friends had for their wedding day. The ceremony will look great in a garden, decorated just the way you would like it. Then off to a local restaurant for a meal and drinks. You could fund a supplier who will deliver a smaller version of your wedding breakfast.

Handmade invitations and place cards. This will be fun when you don’t have to make so many. Use wooden pallets to make your Order of the Day sign. Guests can sign pebbles taken from the special beach and write their wishes on them. Instead of a guest book how about using a dating jar. Your guests sending their love, best wishes and ideas for a date night.

Choosing vows that mean the most to you and marrying the person that means the world to you. You don’t even have to say vows, you can make promises or commitments to each other. Just imagine being surrounded by nature, sun shining and may be the birds singing. Suppose it is raining? Well, we might all get a little wet, but a little rain is meant to be good luck.

Having a Celebrant for your ceremony will be the icing on the cake. They are happy to officiate at a wedding no matter the size. It will be personal and memorable. You could save your wedding rings for your big celebration and use “fun” rings, perhaps sweets! Don’t forget if you have a Celebrant, you don’t have to go for the normal time of day affair. Celebrants are happy to be there early morning, late afternoon or even a twilight ceremony. How romantic would that be? Fairy lights lighting the way, soft music in the background as you walk towards the love of your life. Faces illuminated softly, capturing the moment when their loves ones say those special words.

Wear something different, doesn’t have to be your wedding dress. Or choose a different colour. Dare to be different. Save your wedding outfit for your big celebration.

You needn’t spend large sums of money. You could have a small wedding cake, just enough for you and your small party of guests. Hire a photographer just for a couple of hours to capture those special moments.

There is less to plan and less to get stressed about. Also a smaller “To do” list.

Your guests blowing bubbles over you and your partner after the ceremony or bio degradable confetti being sprinkled around you both. The guests all having mini torches, lighting the way out.

A smaller guest list means that you will have more time to spend with your guests. Not sure what to do after your minimony? Arrange some games that you and your guests can join in.

The most important factor is that you and your partner enjoy yourselves and make your day a memorable one.

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